• J & H Industries is committed, as are all good corporate citizens, to help preserve our fossil fuel deposits.


  • We are committed to find other sources of fuel that is cleaner, cheaper and can regenerate itself.


  • In connection with this goal we are making the development of an efficient, high quality grain burner a top priority that can service our customers need for world class quality standards.


  • We pledge our corporate integrity, resources and engineering know-how to produce products that are state of the art, safe both to people and the environment.


  • We assure our loyal customers and friends that we will do everything in our power to stay on the cutting edge in development of the technology for grain-burning products.


  • J & H Industries further pledges to the buying public, its customers now and in the future its commitment to the highest quality customer service in the industry.


  • It is our goal to produce the best products possible and to be a responsible corporate citizen too.