Eco-friendly houses

Most people dream about living in a house customized to their requirements, nestled away peacefully in flora and fauna. This far-fetched dream is already an everyday reality for a family situated near the American east coast in southern Maine. The one story house features three bedrooms and fantastic views of flora and fauna in Freeport town. The house is divided into a main home, a garage and porch while the name Cousins River Residence comes from a nearby waterway. Its entire 1600 square foot construction is done by Go Logic to provide the best performance and aesthetics to owner. Designed using the German Passive House standards, the house makes use of solar gain, natural lighting and other technologies to save energy.

Location and design of the house:
The fantastic landscape of surrounding by pine forests is connected to the buildings through a walkway from garage to home. The design based on a single level offers fluid motion between different spaces inside the house and free movement between indoors and outdoors. The south facing open floor plan provides a diverse range of spaces using minimal volume through customized cabinets and shelves. The floor is made using advanced concrete as it is a critical factor to reduce energy costs by regulating interior temperatures. Cousins River Residence feature highly insulated buildings which act as a shell and utilize passive solar energy to reduce heating demands.

How does Cousins River Residence save energy?
Go Logic used highly insulating materials to build the foundation (R35), roof systems (R50) and walls (R80). This stops the heat from escaping the structure. Other than this, German windows (R8) with high performing triple panes increase the solar heat gain by 50 percent. The Cousins River Residence also features enhanced ventilation systems to recover heat with 88 percent efficiency. The building shell boasts to be airtight with only 0.5 air change in an hour at 50 Pascal pressure. Featuring a New England traditional landscape, this house approaches a net-zero energy consumption with a photovoltaic arrangement (advanced solar cells) of 4.6 kilowatt capacity to fulfill additional energy requirements.

What is Go Logic?
Go Logic is an architecture firm which specializes in designing and constructing high performance sustainable houses. Located in Belfast, Maine their 30 person team aims to improve building quality while reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions. Using the Passive House standards, buildings designed by Go Logic can save 90 percent money on heating costs. Currently, the firm has 6 certified Passive House projects which include first student residence hall and first laboratory in Northern America to be certified. The company has also received platinum certification in “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)”. Go Logic is known for their futuristic approach to provide customized buildings with preferred aesthetics while having extremely low energy requirements.