9 tips how to reduce your house heating expenses

Winter is almost here, with every sign indicating that it’s about to begin. Once again, you need to heat up your home to keep it from the chills of the winter season, which means more expenses powering the boiler and getting your family or yourself some warm clothes.

On top of the winter expenses comes the festive season of Christmas, and the inevitable expenses associated with it. It means you need brace yourself to dig deep into your pockets. While you cannot avoid spending during this time altogether, there are ways you can minimise it. Here are tips on how to reduce your house heating expenses to save on cash.

1. Seal gaps on doors and windows

Openings bring in draughts and make your boiler to work more to regulate temperature. It leads to unnecessarily higher bills. Find and close all gaps so that your home’s heating system doesn’t need to work more.

2. Use a programmable thermostat

It allows your heating system to turn on only when it’s necessary, like if the temperature drops below a certain level. It will also switch off when the temperature you set is reached. It’s better than depending on switching the heating system off manually; there are times you will forget and leave it running when it shouldn’t.

3. Service the boiler

A boiler that has stayed for long without being serviced doesn’t work efficiently. It causes your more expenses in energy bills as it draws more power than it would if it was working properly.

4. Wear warm

Wearing warm clothes reduces the need to heat your house and, consequently, the amount you pay for your home’s energy requirements. You will not need to turn on the boiler for most of the time, which saves you money.

5. Only heat your house just when about to wake up

Are you the type of person who will switch on the heating system of your house too early before you wake up? It only wastes energy and costs you avoidable expenses. Turn on the heating some fifteen to twenty minutes before you get out of bed.

6. Insulate the loft

It prevents heat from being lost, reducing the amount of energy your house heating system requires to heat the house.

7. Avoid heating the house when everyone is out

Adjust your programmable thermostat to turn on the heating system only when you’re home. There’s no point of heating the whole house when the children are at school, or when you’re at work.

8. Use thicker curtains

Thick curtains provide more insulation to trap more heat. The result is lower energy bills because your boiler doesn’t have to heat from temperatures that are too low.

9. Use reflecting panels on your radiators

Reflective panels behind the radiator help to prevent heat from being lost by reflecting it back into the room. Using them makes the boiler to work less saving money.

By using these tips, you can avoid incurring a lot of expenses this winter season. Your house will still remain warm and comfortable, only at a lesser cost.